Psalm 133:1

Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity! -- Psalm 133:1


Moving Forward

After three years of doing this, it's apparent that homeschool baseball has gained a position of respect in and around the Houston area. We now routinely get the best from our opponents who now know that, yes, homeschoolers to play baseball. And our players have been up to this challenge.

Thank you players and families for being a part of creating a spirit of unity in the homeschool baseball community in this area and for helping to show the quality of baseball played by homeschoolers in the Houston area.

Best wishes to you all in your spring seasons. Let us know how we can help if you are looking to play at the next level.

For the United,


KC Fall League = Good Competition

Once again, we've seen some good teams this fall in the KC Fall Varsity League. Yesterday, we saw about as good a pitching as we have seen in Game One vs. the KC Orange team, for instance.

Also, for the second year in a row, we have played a TASO Tournament Finalist at Kyle Chapman. Last year, we faced Foster. This year, we faced Cy Ranch, who lost in the 2012 TASO finals vs. The Woodlands, 3-2, at Minute Maid.

You might recall that we lost two tough ball games to Cy Ranch, 1-0 and 2-1. So, that gives you an idea of what the United players are facing each weekend. This will help us all in terms of confidence and preparation as we move into the the spring season.

For the United ...


Coming Down the Stretch ...

Well, after an eventful and exciting DH with Foster (per usual), we are heading down the stretch. There are only 4 games left, so, players, come prepared, and be ready to finish this fall strong.

We have a young bunch, but we are starting to play baseball to the standard and the way the we always have at Kyle Chapman -- with excellence.

Next up is a Sunday afternoon (2:15/4:15) DH vs. KC Orange on 10/2. Our final DH is Saturday, 10/8 at 10/noon vs. Kempner.

For the United ...


Thinking College Baseball ...

If you are interested in playing at the next level, please take a look at the post from last season (9/1/10 -- "The Next Level") on this subject. There's a lot of great info there.

We've got a number of our former United players playing college baseball at present, and we are excited for them. The good news is that this is certainly doable for a homeschool baseball player. Still, it requires effort and personal involvement by the player and family. If you expect the coaches to just come calling or show up to see you play because you are a good player, guess again.

The fall semester is a great time to make contact with those colleges where you might be interested in attending and also playing baseball. During the fall, college teams are working out but without game pressure. Things slow down, and they are thinking about the next season ... and also recruiting. I would encourage you seniors to be making strategic college visits now and also to be asking to work out for/practice with the team when you go. Juniors, you can do this, as well. But for seniors, this time is really important.

If you want more information on demystifying the journey to college baseball, please feel free to shoot me an email or call me at 281-413-5418.

For the United ...


United Underway this Week

Our 2011 roster has been added to the right sidebar, so check it out.

We will have our complete schedule posted to the right, as well, as soon as we get it from Mike Rutledge. Opener vs. Cy Falls is set for Saturday evening at 6:30.

Our first games are scheduled for this weekend, so be ready.

For the United ...


2011 United Up and Running ...

Greetings All,

We have registered with Kyle Chapman, formed our roster, ordered jerseys for new players (we have a number this year) and we are getting ready to go.

We practice at 10 a.m. on Saturday, August 13 at the M.A.L.L. field (Thunder home field). Games will begin the following weekend.

As soon as we get the schedule from Kyle Chapman, we get it posted here and be up and running. Look for our roster soon, as well.

Any questions about the United? Give me a call at 281-413-5418 or email to rickrutline-at-gmail-dot-com.

For the United ...


Another Successful Campaign Wrapped Up

Well, the Houston Homeschool United (they occasionally get our name right in the booth now) have now wrapped up their second winning campaign (8-5) in as many years out at Kyle Chapman. More significantly, congratulations to our players and fans for representing homeschool baseball so well. Mike Rutledge commented on how much he has enjoyed having the United in the league since he took a chance on us last year.

We feel like we have achieved one of our main goals in promoting homeschool baseball. This will pay off in terms of scheduling, relationships with other coaches/programs, umpires, and ultimately scouting. Once again, our players caught the eye of college scouts in attendance this fall.

The experience creates a lot of opportunities for our players and hopefully expands their vision. In a city with some of the nation's best baseball talent, our players can compete.

Also, we believe that a spirit of unity will follow us into the spring as we compete.

Thank you all for making it happen.

For the United,